If ever there is doubt that one person can make a difference, Simon Jackson—and his incredible story of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition—puts that doubt to rest.

Discussing his personal story, as well as the intricacies of founding a non-profit and navigating both business and politics, Simon inspires audiences to realize the “power of one” to encourage change and challenges citizens to re-think how we tackle complex environmental challenges.

From motivational keynote speeches to policy debates to workshop facilitation to emcee and panel hosting roles, Simon has had the opportunity to delivered thousands of speeches to audiences of all ages and sizes, sharing his story and his views on self-empowerment, public policy engagement and environmental innovation.

By tailoring each speech to any given client’s needs, Simon has been able to address educator conferences, government training sessions, corporate board retreats, business seminars and school assemblies.

Simon’s message is inspirational, motivational, and educational and will make you a believer in the power of one.

For booking inquiries: Email requests@speakers.ca or visit Speakers’ Spotlight’s website for more information.

Sample Clients:

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