November 20, 2015

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Simon is focused on helping diverse clients gain a social license to advance good ideas that can better society. | Partners: Headline Strategies & Current

Proven Track Record:

Simon has helped foster strategies for over 50 projects, creating a proven track record of success in developing, advancing and troubleshooting complex ideas. And by leveraging his unique talents, extensive network and considerable experience, Simon has the ability to apply his strategies to businesses and non-profits, as well as government and education institutions.

Client Services:

Work with clients to create a multi-partisan consensus for good ideas; assist issues that need to be navigated through complex political waters; help build innovative ideas for collaboration and engagement; and design blueprints for public mobilization and youth participation.

What Success Looks Like:

Successful metrics have included: A government agency client seeing hundreds of thousands of citizens meaningfully engaged in their new education campaign; a for-profit client project increasing their youth participation by 300%; a non-profit organization client growing from a 50k per year organization into a multi-million dollar institution.

Two Decades of Experience:

  • Environmental Leadership. Built multi-partisan consensus in the process of helping establish the largest land protection measure in North American history, while gaining the support of more than 90% of British Columbians.
  • Organizational Management. Developed the capacity – team, budget and program resources – to allow the Youth Coalition to accomplish its goals, in addition to helping oversee the growth of numerous organizations and campaigns.
  • Strategic Planning. Crafted a positive, non-ideological, solution-based campaign strategy that fostered the most supported conservation initiative in Canadian history, in the process of establishing a new paradigm for environmental debate in British Columbia.
  • Business Development & Government Relations. Established and maintained extensive relationships with political and business leaders in order to create tangible, non-traditional support for multiple projects.
  • Communications. Succeeded in communicating a complex environmental issue in a positive and engaging manner, making a previously obscure animal a household name around the world.
  • Community Engagement. Brought together disparate communities in rallying more than six million people in 87 countries globally to create the largest youth-led initiative on the planet.
  • Storytelling. Demonstrated proven success at multi-platform storytelling, engaging audiences through thousands of traditional media features, overseeing viral social media campaigns, producing unique written and video content, and leading highly successful public events.




Experienced, sought-after motivational speaker, having delivered thousands of speeches to diverse audiences globally. | Representation: Speakers’ Spotlight

The Message

If ever there is doubt that one person can make a difference, Simon Jackson—and his story of building the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition—puts that doubt to rest.

Discussing his personal story, as well as the intricacies of founding a non-profit and navigating both business and politics, Simon inspires audiences to realize the “power of one” to encourage change and challenges citizens to re-think how we tackle complex environmental challenges.

From motivational keynote speeches to policy debates to workshop facilitation to emcee and panel hosting roles, Simon has had the opportunity to delivered thousands of speeches to audiences of all ages and sizes, sharing his story and his views on self-empowerment, public policy engagement and environmental innovation.

By tailoring each speech to any given clients’ needs, Simon has been able to address educator conferences, government training sessions, corporate board retreats, business seminars and school assemblies.

Simon’s message is inspirational, motivational, and educational and will make you a believer in the power of one.

Two Decades of Experience:

  • Developed a personal narrative that has resonated with disparate speaking clients, including audiences that normally wouldn’t be interested in hearing from an environmental advocate.
  • Delivered thousands of speeches to schools, conferences and special events around the world – including headlining two national school speaking tours and addressing events alongside major name speakers such as Dr. Jane Goodall and former US President Bill Clinton.
  • Has been given the opportunity to address audiences of all sizes, ranging from small receptions with ten people to major concert venues with more than ten thousand attendees.




Widely published, award-winning writer and columnist, with a forthcoming book. | Representation: Gandolfo-Helin Literary Agency 

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Two Decades of Experience:

Simon Jackson is a widely published, award-winning writer.

Having served as a columnist with for six years and as a contributing blogger to Huffington Post, Simon has written dozens of columns that provide a millennial’s perspective on current events, with a particular focus on politics and the environment.

Additionally, Simon has contributed chapters for eight books and has had hundreds of essays and opinion editorials published in newspapers, magazines, academic journals, web sites and text books around the world.

He is represented by Gandolfo Helin Literary Management and is working on two book projects, including one built around the acclaimed essays and photography published on the education platform

For his writing accomplishments and dedication to conservation, Jackson was named a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Writers.

For publication rights: Gandolfo Helin Literary Management



Experienced in helping rising leaders apply successful strategies to up-and-coming projects with the goal of translating passion into tangible results and lasting leadership. | Faculty: Lougheed Leadership Institute at The Banff Centre

The Details

Simon offers rising leaders – and those who work with them – the opportunity to gain insight into the high level strategic thinking that created the world’s largest youth-run environmental organization and North America’s largest, consensus land use plan.

In creating a mentorship program that provides sustained engagement, peer-to-peer learning, and opportunities to learn from failure and celebrate success, Simon can help capitalize on the ingenuity of rising leaders and translate passion and raw talent into tangible results, sustained community engagement and lasting leadership character.

By the end of the program, each leader will have had the opportunity to improve their leadership capacity, develop their concept into a workable project with clearly achieved goals, and have an understanding of how to continue to build toward a better world and a better life.


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