CBC Columns

For more than five years, Simon Jackson served as a columnist for CBC.ca, in addition to providing TV commentary for CBC Newsworld, providing a millennial’s perspective to current events, with a particular focus on politics and the environment. The following links offer a sample of his work.

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Young, Green, and Conservative, the New Voting Block – Sept 21, 2008


Apathy really is boring, it’s time to engage – March 25th, 2009


Don’t worry Canada, we will be there – April 13th, 2009


Will the B.C. election prove the naysayers wrong? – May 4th, 2009


Why are we still killing for sport? – June 15th, 2009


Why is politics today such a turnoff? – July 7, 2009


The case for a needless election – September 25th, 2009


We’re not really environmental bad guys, are we? – October 19th, 2009


A flawed plan and a government that won’t say boo – November 19, 2009


Maybe Copenhagen should fail – December 11, 2009


Where have all the bold ideas gone? – June 24, 2010


Charity’s dollars: Don’t knock professional fundraising – Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Angry voters: From B.C. to Capitol Hill, it is not just about taxes – November 5, 2010


Climate change: How do we start caring again? – Dec 3, 2010


B.C. politics is gearing up for its YouTube moment – January 14, 2011


Taking responsibility for B.C.’s slaughtered sled dogs – February 2, 2011


The wild ride facing B.C.’s newest premier – Feb 28, 2011


From centre stage to the micro-campaign – Apr 8, 2011


Move aside boomers, we’re heading to the ballot box – Apr 19, 2011